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    Ei (Educational Initiatives) is collaborating with Amazon Future Engineers to implement the Amazon Wonder Girls Programme, that aims to improve educational, economic, and life outcomes for girl children in India, that aims to improve educational, economic, and life outcomes for girl children in India

Improving foundational literacy and numeracy through Ei Mindspark

Ei’s evidence-based personalised adaptive learning software, Mindspark, will help children study Mathematics, English and their vernacular language more effectively. 

Quality Computer Science Curriculum

Ei will help provide a high-quality computer science curriculum and content, to develop these students’ interest in computer science as a discipline and chosen career path

Amazon Wonder Girls Programme

This programme will reach over 50,000 students between Grades 6 - 9 in Telangana state government-run schools from July 2021 to March 2024. It will engage 200 teachers, orienting them with Ei's Mindspark learning platform and the computer science curriculum delivery.

In Pursuit of Greater Learning Outcomes

With the broadening of India’s education infrastructure, enrolment and access to schooling have expanded dramatically in recent decades. However, increased schooling has not translated to increased learning. Over 70% of students in Grade 3 do not have basic reading and arithmetic skills. Such foundational skills are a gateway for further learning and therefore must be improved. 

Refocusing Learning Priorities

The sub-optimal status quo persists because the priorities of the education system remain skewed. There has been a focus on inputs such as infrastructure, nutrition, and attendance, not on learning outcomes. Therefore, there have not been significant improvements in learning in residential schools. With no benefits accruing to their well-being or expected income, many students drop out. 

Reclaim and Re-Learning Lost Skills and Abilities

School closures due to COVID-19 will further worsen learning outcomes. A study by Azim Premji University estimated that 82% and 92% of Indian students have already lost one specific ability in mathematics and language, respectively. The World Bank predicted that 25% more students may fall below a baseline level of proficiency in this period as well. This will cause long-term learning deficits that disproportionately affect students from disadvantaged backgrounds (along lines of gender, geography, ethnicity), compounding existing inequality. 

We Help Ready them for a Better Tomorrow

Computer Science will be taught to female students to encourage them to persist in Computer Science education and careers. Ei will support improvements in the curriculum and design trainings for teachers to enable instruction in regional languages. These trained teachers will deliver the curriculum with support from field staff and teacher-trainers. The curriculum will incorporate skills, talents, and specialisations relevant to the industry’s requirements, equipping students for further careers.
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Foundational Learning with Ei Mindspark 

Mindspark diagnoses student learning gaps and misconceptions and creates individualised learning paths for each student based on their requirements. It is based on learning and assessments research conducted over two decades. It facilitates individualised learning remediation and conceptual understanding through interactive animated activities, games, and challenges. By helping students attain strong foundational learning skills, we expect students to become more confident in oral and written expression, as well as textual comprehension. They will also lose their fear of mathematics and learn to apply concepts in real-life settings.

Enabling Powerful Change

The Amazon Wonder Girls programme will enable 50,000+ girl children to attain foundational learning and engage with the CS curriculum and activities. It will foster an appreciation for computer science, with a realistic expectation of more than 5% of students to pursue further education in the field. These gains will lead to improved learning, economic and life outcomes for the students. They will also help reduce gender disparities in the field of computer science and help dispel unfounded stereotypes that girl students can't study maths and sciences well. 

At a systemic level, the programme strives to create a blueprint for government officials and public-school administrators to implement
Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure in government schools. This will lead to the implementation of useful educational aides in multiple subjects, and integration of computer science content within the academic curriculum. The programme should therefore inform government policy in the long-term, and its benefits should incentivise increased budgetary allocations for educational hardware, resources, software, training, and material. 

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Key Elements of the Programme

What are the Key Takeaways?

  • Ei's Mindspark access and high-quality computer science content to girl children in Telangana state government run schools
  • Remote implementation of both Mindspark and the computer science curriculum during COVID-19-induced school closures
  • Setting up government-funded ICT labs in 100 government schools in the state of Telangana
  • Training teachers and field staff to operate Mindspark labs and deliver the computer science curriculum both in classrooms and remotely
  • Providing virtual and on-ground support to schools, teachers, and children
  • Engaging girl children with Amazon employees through virtual sessions to develop their interest in computer science careers
  • Organising virtual tours to Amazon facilities for girl children so they understand the application of computer science skills in real-world applications